Remedy Lash Co. has adopted a no tipping policy. This is because we want to provide the most professional, comfortable experience possible. There is no other professional industry that would expect or allow tipping, and we believe that to maintain and promote professionalism in the beauty world, we should hold the same standard. The greatest tip you can give is taking care of your hair / lashes at home with recommended retail, and the all time greatest compliment a business or stylist can receive is a referral. Thank you so much for your business. 


If you are unable to make it to your appointment, please give a 24 hour notice. If you are unable to do so, you will be charged 50% of services booked. If you no show / no call, you will be charged 100% of the service. If you are late to your appointment please understand that we run on a schedule, and you may not be able to receive the full service, or any service at all, depending on the degree of tardiness. Thank you for understanding. 


No refunds will be offered on services rendered. If you are unhappy, we will be glad to redo the service to your satisfaction. If you are having issues with retention within 48 hours of your appointment, please notify us within that time frame so we can troubleshoot the issue at no charge to you.

Q: How do I maintain & care for my lashes?

          Keep you eyelashes clean and disinfected using My Brand Lash Cleanser, available at the salon and included with your first full set. This will prevent any bacterial infections, and it will remove any oil from you lashes, which would break the adhesive down and cause you to lose extensions. Do not use any oil based products on or around your extensions. It is also important to keep on top of your fills so that you don't lose so many that you need a whole new set. Remember, fill times & prices vary to cater to your personal lash needs. If you have an event, you can book a mini fill right before, or if you've missed a fill, you can scedule an extra long fill to catch your lashes up. Always follow the instructions on your lash care card, given to you at your first full set or available to you upon request at anytime.

Q: What are volume lashes?

          Volume lashing is a method of lashing where very tiny lashes are fanned out and applied to one lash to create fuller, thicker, longer lasting extensions without any added weight.  I have been properly trained and certified to do this method without causing any harm or damage to the natural lash. Anyone who claims to do volume but does not have a certificate to do volume should not be touching your lashes.

Q: What are hybrid lashes?

         Hybrid lashes are a mix of classic and volume. This is a technique designed to create full, textured lashes.

Q: Can I use eyedrops with my lashes?

          Yes. Drop the drops more along your bottom lid. 

Q: Can I wear contacts with my lashes?

            Yes. If your contacts irritate you, you can try wearing them for shorter periods of time, not wearing them while your lashes are bieng worked on, or adding eyedrops, however, it is rare that people have irritation from the combination of their contacts & lashes.

Q: How long can my eyelashes handle extensions/ do my lashes need a break from extensions?

          As long as your lash stylist is only using lashes that are a safe length & weight, and you are not having any problems with your lashes, you can wear them as long as you want. Your lashes may need a break from extensions if they have been damaged by previous lashes. You can always try using Grande Lash Growth Serum if you feel like your lashes are too thin.

Q: What is a lashlift & how does it work?

             A lash lift is a semi-permanent curling service that is designed to give your real lashes a boost. It takes about an hour and a half and includes a tint. The lash lift will last 8-12 weeks, although the tint will fade in about 2 weeks. It is designed for someone who wants a boost for their mascara, someone who wants a very low maintenance service for their lashes, someone who isn't sure if they want extensions or who doesn't have the time to keep up with extensions, it can be done on someone with extremely straight lashes before they receive lash extensions, etc. It is a versatile and beautiful service. You can view before and after pictures in the about section of this website.

Q: Are my real lashes too short or thin for extensions?

          Most likely not, but you are always welcome to use Grande Lash Growth Serum, available at the salon, to help your lashes grow longer and fuller. Since I can only put one lash on each of your real lashes, you may want to try a growth serum so you can have more lash extensions. This growth serum is safe for your real lashes and your lash extensions. It does not have the chemical bimatoprost that Latisse contains, so you do not need a perscription to obtain it. It also does not change the texture of your real lashes the way Latisse does, so your lashes will grow long and full, while staying light and fluffy.

Q: How long do lashes take?

          You first full set will take 2.5 - 3 hours, and your fills will take 45-minutes to an hour depending on which appointment you booked and how many lashes you need to have replaced.

Q: Can I wear mascara with my lashes?

           Yes, but not waterproof mascara, and you must, must, must clean it off afterwords. You can use your lash cleanser from the salon to remove it, but not an oil based makeup remover. GrandeLash also sells a mascara that contains some of the growth serum in it, and is completely safe for your extensions. 

Q: How long does brow tint last?

          2-4 weeks.

Q: Can my eyelashes get wet?

          Yes, as long as it has been 4-6 hours since your lash appointment. Do not allow water to beat down on them while you are showering, however, they will not be damaged if they get wet. Avoid excessive steam and heat.

Q: What products do you use?

          I use a variety of products, all of which I have researched, been professionally trained on, and have a lot of faith in. I primarily use Kevin Murphy styling products, shampoos, and conditioners and Olaplex. Kevin Murphy is a cruelty free, environmentally friendly, sulfate & paraben free, high quality line that I am proud to use and sell. I also use Paul Michell's newly revamped color line alongside Pravana. As far as lashes go, I use a larger variety of brands, including Sugar Lash, the Lash Chick, Grande Lash (for after care), and Flawless Lashes by Loreta. Every brand that I personally carry & represent is cruelty free. 

Q: What is Olaplex & why do I need it?

           Olaplex is a treatment designed to repair bonds in your hair that are broken by overprocessing hair. It will make your hair healthier, shinier, softer, less tangly, and it will increase the longevity of your color. Olaplex is a three part  system. Parts one & two are done in the salon, and number three is a take home treatment for you to do once a week, in order to keep your hair healthy and happy between color services. 

Q: What is "balayage"?

           Balayage is a hand painting method of hair higlighting. It gives a much more natural, low maintenance blonding look. Balayage is customized to each client's personal face shape, desired color, and desired maintenance. This is one of the most versatile methods of hair coloring.