Lash extensions are individually attached to each one of your natural lashes to create a longer, fuller look customized to each client's eye shape, lash goals, and natural lashes. We offer several different styles of lashes. This page is your guide to all things lashes, so you can choose what is the best fit for you!

Before we get into all the types of lash extensions, I will share the types of fills and lash artists that we have at Remedy, to simplify the booking process. 

 Our artists are  highly experienced, extensively trained lash artists who work at a faster pace and are qualified to train other artists, and their prices reflect their commitment to their career. 

If you have never had lash extensions before or do not currently have any lashes on, you will need to book a full set. After that, you can book regular fills every 2-3 weeks for as long as you would like to wear lashes. For questions about shedding and aftercare, please visit our FAQ page.

We offer four different types of fills - mini, regular, extra long, and salon transfer.

  • Mini fills are 30 minute fills to give extra lashes between fills for vacations or events, must be booked within 10 days of a regular fill, and are not available to be booked online.

  • Regular fills are your normal 60-75m maintenance fills to be booked every 2-4 weeks.

  • Extra long fills are between 90-105m and are to be booked if you want extra lashes for a photoshoot or event, or if you have waited more than 4 weeks since your last fill.

  • Salon Transfer Fills are between 75-105m, and are to be booked if you are new to Remedy but not new to lashes! During this fill we will assess your lashes, assess your lash goals, remove any grown out, sticky, or damaging lashes, and fill your lashes as full as we can. This is not a guarantee that you will not need a new full set if you lashes are causing severe damage, but in the majority of cases, we are able to easily transition clients into their gorgeous new Remedy lashes!

Please make yourself familiar with our policies before booking.

We can't wait to lash you!

Classic Lashes

Classic Lashes are the most natural type of lashes on the market. At Remedy Lash Co we use "flat" classic lashes that are lightweight, and have more surface area to not only appear fuller at the base, but allow for a better bond between the lash and the extension. Classic lashes can only be applied one classic lash extension to one natural lash

CLASSIC FULL SET                                      $200

CLASSIC SALON TRANSFER FILL                  $115

CLASSIC EXTRA LONG FILL                         $115

CLASSIC FILL                                               $95

CLASSIC MINI FILL                                       $50

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid Lashes are the next step up from Classic Lashes. This look is created by blending volume fans and classic extensions together to create a textured look that is versatile and natural. This set is no more than a 60/40 blend of volume to classics, ensuring that the look doesn't get too full for clients wanting some drama, but not full volume. 

HYBRID FULL SET                                        $225

HYBRID SALON TRANSFER FILL                   $125

HYBRID EXTRA LONG FILL                           $125

HYBRID FILL                                               $100

Volume Lashes

Volume Lashes are the most popular style of lashes we offer at Remedy Lash Co. This is because they are versatile, long lasting, and beautiful. Volume fans have 2 - 10 lashes in a fan, which is made up of very small (.05 diameter) silk lashes. A common myth about volume lashes is that they are heavier than classic lashes, but because the lashes are so small, a fan can have the appearance of being much fuller & thicker than a classic lash, when it is actually much lighter or equal in weight. The volume fan is handmade and applied to wrap around the natural lash, which causes them to last for a long time. The amount of lashes in a fan is what creates the different fullness, and can be discussed more in depth with your lash artist during consultation. 

VOLUME FULL SET                                      $275

VOLUME SALON TRANSFER FILL                 $135

VOLUME EXTRA LONG FILL                        $135 

VOLUME FILL                                             $110

VOLUME MINI FILL                                       $65

Mega Volume Lashes

Mega Volume lashes are our most dramatic lashes. They are similar to volume in that they are created by applying fans of lashes, except the diameter of these lashes is .03mm, and each fan has 10+ lashes. These are excellent for events, stage wear, and drama in general. 

MEGA VOLUME FULL SET                           $325



MEGA VOLUME FILL                                   $120


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